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    folder locations not working properly


      I have a Lightroom 2015 catalog on an external drive that's shared between a Mac and a PC. One of my hard drives failed, and I had to move the folders on it to multiple other external drives, outside Lightroom, but with preserved hierarchies (i.e., the Pictures2 and all subfolders remained intact, just physically moved to a new location).


      Now I've opened my catalog, prepared to have to do a few "update folder locations", but it's missing tons of folders -- they don't appear as missing and they don't even appear when I update the location of the parent folder. If I select an individual image and update its location the folder appears.  (And the latter I could only get to work by opening a backup catalog; update location wasn't working on my current catalog.) I think part of the problem is that the new volume name is different.


      I currently have 31,000 missing photos. Please don't tell me I have to select them individually to get the folders to reappear.