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    X99 m.2 problem

    BartonGarrett256 Level 3

      I built an x99deluxe i7 5960 64GB RAM, dual video card system with buckets of hard dries, including a few SSDs.   The C drive is a 250GB SSD and is just too full so I bit the bullet and bought a 500GB Samsung M.2 drive to replace it.  I installed it in the PCIe card and slot and the bios doesn't see it.  I tried putting it in the other slot, same thing.  I called ASUS tech support, they were pretty much completely and utterly useless.  They had me disconnect all the hard drives and move it from the PCIe slot to the on the board slot and it never shows up, then they said "well it's not a supported device".  It must be PCIe or it won't work. Eli Whitney be dammed, I guess they haven't heard about interchangeable parts or the magic of specifications.


      So I went back to Fry's and they said nonsense, but try a Patriot drive if you want.  Surprise, surprise, I had the same exact experience, including tech support doing the same things (clearly reading from a script) ending with "only cards listed on our approved list will work".  Am I missing something? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          M.2 drives are fast, but not necessarily easy to install.


          The steps are roughly:

          - disable Adobe CC and another "activated" licenses on your current system

          - upgrade your motherboard to the latest bios rev.

          - insert your M.2 drive into the M.2 card slot (you don't want to put it in a PCIe card at all for your motherboard)

          - you will need use UFEI bios in order to use a M.2 drive as a boot drive

          - load Windows, programs, etc.


          You can Google this and find lots of detailed how-to guides to get your M.2 drive working as a boot drive.


          There is a separate hardware forum sub-section and this should have been posted there. Or moderator, you could move it now.


          Good luck!



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you checked for a BIOS update for your motherboard?


            Have you considered returning the m.2 and buying a larger "regular" SSD?

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              BartonGarrett256 Level 3

              Thanks, I tried all that stuff except the bios upgrade. I found lots of stuff on converting mechanical C drives to SSDs, not as much to m.2.  But I can't get past the doesn't see the drive step.


              I asked three ASUS tech support guys which slot was better for the m.2, no answer each time.  Why is the other slot better?


              I will try the BIOS  upgrade, but it is interesting that ASUS didn't suggest or even ask about it.


              Why do I have to disable cc2015?



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                BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                Thanks,  everything I read here says the m.2 is much faster, I figured if I was going through the pain and suffering inherent in upgrading a C drive I'd go for broke.

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                  JEShort01 Level 4

                  If your old "load" is licensed for Adobe CC, then it has one of your two available licenses checked out. You want to release it so that you can use it again.

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                    RESH Level 2



                    On some x99 boards, if you are using the SataExpress ports (usually two grouped off by themselves) this disables the ability to use the M.2 port. (It acts like a switch once you plug anything into those SATA ports.) On my MCI board it is #5 and #6.


                    Check your motherboard manual or your motherboard, and if you are using them with regular Sata drives, you might be able to move those to some other SATA ports.

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                      BartonGarrett256 Level 3


                      Ah, that seems to be it.  I noticed the price came down, it didn't if the new model won't work on my system.  $700/terabyte is too much for my tastes, I'll just exchange the m.2 for a 500GB hard drive.


                      One of the tech support guys mentioned the PCIe issue, but couldn't explain what that meant,  no one at Frys had a clue, and the packaging or anything they could find on line shed any light on it. 

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                        BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                        Thanks for the suggestion.  We went through the exercise of disconnecting all 9 of my hard drives and booting into bios, it still did not see the m.2.  Per the thread civid linked the new lower priced m.2 won't work. 

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                          Bill Engeler Level 3

                          m.2 cards come in 2 flavors, SATA and PCI-e. I don't know for certain which one you have, but your motherboard will only take the PCI-e version in the m.2 slot.


                          From the ASUS website for the X-99 Deluxe:


                          1 x M.2 Socket 3, , with vertical M Key design, type 2242/2260/2280 storage devices support (Support PCIE SSD only)


                          I suspect you have a Samsung 850 EVO M.2, which is SATA, not PCI-e. The information you were given by ASUS and Fry's is correct - It will not work with your motherboard. As previously mentioned, you need something like a 950 pro.

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                            cc_merchant Level 4

                            m.2 is only a form factor. There are both SATA 600 and PCIe-x4 version SSD's available in the m.2 form. In order to use the correct version on the m.2 port, you have to use the one with the correct interface. Most likely it is the PCIe-x4 version on your motherboard. That simply means the 500 GB EVO will not work, because it is a SATA 600 version and not the required PCIe-x4 version. You are probably limited to the Samsung SM951 or the Samsung 950 Pro. The second thing to consider is the protocol used, AHCI or NVMe. The 950 is only available in the NVMe model. The SM951 is also available in AHCI model. NVMe is the preferred protocol.

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                              cc_merchant Level 4

                              You are referring to two completely incomparable SSD's. The 950 is a PCIe-x4 NVMe drive, the 850 is a SATA 600 AHCI drive. The latter is incompatible with the X99 motherboard, even though it has the same m.2 form factor.

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                                BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                                Thanks.  Fry's did not know, I took the PCIe recommendation back to them when I exchanged the first m.2, and said I need one that does this. The guy looked and looked and even went on line.   And the Patriot drive has no reference in the part description.


                                And the ASUS guys couldn't tell me why, they were reading from a script, the last line on the script after an hour of disconnecting drives and restarting was " what's the part number?  no. that's not on our list". When I asked what the difference was it was like the scene in Monty Python where the guy asks what the speed of a swallow is...


                                I got the feeling their next call was troubleshooting microwave ovens, and the call before me was animal husbandry.  They just read a script, then go to the next step depending on my answer.  Oh well, life in the big city.

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                                  BartonGarrett256 Level 3

                                  Well the saga continues.  I decided to, with those recommendations,  go for the expensive m.2.  I printed the post and went back to Frys a third time, a guy I trust was working in components, he got me a Samsung part that met all the requirements.


                                  i installed it, and still no joy, followed by another horrible call to tech support.  They emailed me instructions that required me to reinstall my OS from a flash, which I can't do because I bought it online and don't have a disk to make the drive. I thought, okay I give up, I won't use it as a boot drive, I'll just use it as a SSD.


                                  I called again and bingo got someone who knew what he was doing. His first question was what part number do I have. He said only two Samsung part numbers work, one a 1TB and the other a 500GB, but not mine.  I said it meets all the specs, humor me and tell me how to find it in BIOS.  He said, no, it's plug and play if it works you will see it.  He said this is a huge problem for them.  He sees it all the time.


                                  I've lost two days, I'm really giving up, I have a project starting on Thursday.  One more trip to Fry's- I'm just gonna get a big SSD and move on.  ASUS is not getting a Christmas card this year. .