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    Enter info intoText field causes another field to autopopulate

    WSheehey Level 1

      I have this form:


      I'd like the form to populate the "Subtotal" and "Total" text fields with the appropriate amount when a check box is checked next to a selection.

      I'd also like the same to occur when a client enters a proof number into the text boxes under the "Extra Art" section at the bottom. For instance, the client selects the "Vintage Collection" check box and $399 is auto populated in the "Subtotal" and "Total" (read only) fields. That client then decides that in addition to the prints that come with the "Vintage Collection", they'd like to add an 8x10 of one of their favorite prints from the shoot. They do so by entering a proof number in the text box next to "8x10 • $20" under the "Extra Art" section. When they enter that number (or any text at all into one of the text boxes next to "8x10 • $20") I'd like the Subtotal and Total fields to add the $20 to the $399 already there.

      I contacted Adobe Support and they told me that it should be possible, and to ask here for help.

      I'd appreciate any help.