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    Suppressing local storage allow/deny pop up.

    Exotech04 Level 1

      Not sure if I posted in the right forum, so here's the link to my other post if you could please look. https://forums.adobe.com/message/8235430#8235430


      Basically I'm on W7, IE11, Flash 19, and there's a website I'm trying to access which is popping up asking us to allow/deny a local storage request.

      The pop up we receive is: "Adobe Flash Player Settings - Local storage.  <WebsiteURL> is requesting permission to store information on your computer. Allow/Deny"


      I haven't found a way to control this for a specific website/domain yet and would love it if someone could help me out with this.  I've tried updating the mms.cfg but maybe I did it wrong or there is another way to configure this for a large number of workstations (meaning not through the GUI control panels on the workstations).