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    Hand Tool

      I am using Fireworks CS4 and the hand tool will not go away if anyone knows what I am doing wrong let me know.... Thanks in advance...
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          What if you click the black or white pointer at the top of the panel on the left?
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            whisselBahre Level 1

            This is happening in Photoshop CS4 too. 


            I just re-Ghosted my computer to see if it ws something on my end.  I'll let you know after I reinstall the Adobe stuff. 



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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              This actually happened to me just a few days ago, but in PS and after much hair loss in trying to resolve it, it actually boiled down (in my case) to a 'sticky' Space Bar key. It was somehow 'stuck'. A simple jiggle and it was back to normal.


              Not an elaborate answer, but it may just do the trick.



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                whisselBahre Level 1

                Thanks!  I'll try it if it happens again!



                half hour later . . .


                Okay everyone . . .  the people suggesting tapping the space bar are correct.  When the tool sticks as the hand, tap the space bar, and that clears it. 


                I am not convinced that the keyboard is the problem.  Rather, I think that there is something in the program that causes the hand tool to appear and then stick, and the space bar clears it.  Here's why:


                FYI - I said what follows, above; but I'll repeat here for clarity:


                To try to rule out issues on my end, I . . .

                1) re-Ghosted my PC back to a pristine image (then DL & installed all updates) to try to rule out system software issues

                2) did Symantec disk check to try to rule out disk errors

                3) DL Photoshop from Adobe website all over again (to try to ensure error-free file); install and reboot

                4) DL Photoshop update; install and reboot


                It doesn't get much cleaner than that.  In addition, my keyboard (Saitek Eclipse II) is pretty new. 


                Here ias where the hand tool issue has appeared repeatedly for me:


                I used photoshop for a couple of hours doing simple layers, cropping, and text with effects without problems.  But then, I closed the program and opened it up again to do something more complex.  The hand-tool issue appeared at the same point it did before I went through all this:


                I had some photos that I wanted to use as fill for shapes on the masked layer below the group . . .

                1. I grouped 6 layers

                2. ctrl-click the masked layer below the group, then clicked on the group

                3. Choose layer>layer mask> reveal selection (puts the grouped photos into the shapes in layer below)


                And this is where the hand appears--not every timwe, but a few times.  I was also frequently going back and forth between a You Tube viseo and Photoshop when the hand appeared. 


                Anyway, tapping the sapce bar seems to resolve it. 







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                  marclenzke Level 1

                  It seems to be a problem after viewing a Flash file fullscreen. Just use the spacebar to clear it.