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    I cannot open LR CC catalog because "an error has occurred."  How can I find what the error is and fix it?

    MPDAEF Level 1

      (Running Windows 7, 64-bit on a Dell laptop).\

      The error window says to "choose another catalog," but the drop-down doesn't give me a choice, and the only other catalog I have is an old LR 4 one. I do have more or less up-to-date weekly backups (zipped), but I'm not sure how to use them properly.  I tried Victoria's suggestion for replacing a corrupted catalog, but I probably didn't do it properly and it doesn't seem to have worked.  I have no way of knowing for sure whether that is even the problem.

      Both Intel and NVidia cards have up-to-date drivers, and Camera Raw works normally in LR CC.

      The latest update for LR was installed, and I used the program once or twice after that. 

      There was an abnormal shutdown (caused by Windows problem), computer was restarted using Windows start repair, which is when the LR problem began.  Windows repair ("Unknown Bugcheck") was successful, and that was the only repair done.

      (Also, there are quite a few "temporary import data" files in the LR folder, though they seem to be journal files.)


      Anyone have a suggestion?  or do I have to actually call Adobe?

      Appreciate your help.