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    printing to PDF woes when on networked storage...




      I have a Windows 7 user that is having issues printing PDFs on a UNC path server location. She has full control rights to the folder in question. She has attempted multiple files from multiple dates. The older files have all sucessfully printed to PDF in the Past.


      This is a clean Windows 7 install with Adobe CS4 and Acrobat 9 Pro. They are both updated to the latest versions. I have removed the Adobe PDF printer, repaired Acrobat, and re-added the PDF printer. Prior to removing the PDF printer she received the following error on every document (at both local and remote storage attempts):


      Error: typecheck; offendingCommand: xshow Stack: 500/l


      At first I thought this was a font issue, but relying on System Fonts didn't help, attempting to replace all fonts with a single font didnt work, and opening previously printed documents didn't work.


      After removing the PDF printer and repairing Acrobat she can now print PDFs to the local machine fine, but still not to a networked location. Now she does not receive a postscript error text file (maybe a configuration setting on my end), but simply an error in the print queue.


      For context, she was able to print to the UNC path using her previous machine (same version Acrobat pro, Same version Windows 7), so printing to PDF is not something new to her. (edit: So far testing has been limited to Microsoft Office 2010 documents)


      Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go with this?