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    InDesign 2015.2 - Feature that causes issues.

    SamTrojan Level 1

      First off the new interface looks great but I have an issue with the CC Libraries panel in InDesign 2015.2. I'm work in an old document and relinking all the assets to the CC Libraries. I create a shortcut to 'Relink to CC Libraries' to make the relinking process faster. Below is my process and the issue I ran into.


      1. click on asset to relink
      2. select asset in CC Libraries panel
      3. push option-c (my shortcut key to 'Relink to CC Libraries')
      4. PROBLEM - CC Libraries panel reset it location as to which asset I choice in the libraries after pushing my shortcut key, this wasn't an issue before the update. Also if the asset isn't already link to the CC Libraries and you try to relink a different asset and then push the shortcut key, it will type the shortcut key in the Adobe Stock search window in the CC Libraries tap. This also cause an issue because you have to click out of the Adobe Stock search window to use the shortcut key again.


      Is there a solution around this issue?


      It would be great if InDesign could auto link your assets by search for similar images in the CC Libraries. This could be a similar to images search on the web.


      Thanks you all for reading.