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    File unusable, how to get a refund (or better yet a working file)


      File #: 93865697 Wooden sled and hat on snow - image | Adobe Stockhttps://stock.adobe.com/stock-photo/wooden-sled-and-hat-on-snow/93865697


      I tried checking the FAQ, but it gave me a 404 - check for yourself - https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/help/FAQ.html


      I downloaded a sled vector image that itself is only about 700x600 pixels and a whopping 15mb file size. I have a brand new computer with 16 gigs of RAM and trying to open it basically crashed my computer. I tried copying the image and putting it into a new file only to have it convert to a 35mb file.


      The file is unusable to me. How can I unlicense it? Better yet, the image is perfect for what I'm looking to do so I'd rather have a usable copy of it.