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    Unable to place images in InDesign CC 2015


      i recently loaded up an old file (i use as a template) to make some changes for a proposal only to discover that i cannot place ANY image into it.

      none of the layers are locked and the files are all normal types (PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc).


      i'm not even able to draw a frame box to dump an image into.


      i've also tried creating a new file (assuming the file was corrupt or had a locked layer i couldn't identify), but still no luck.

      even tho i'm given the "drop preview cursor" normally associated with placing an image, the cursor seems to appear as a normal one would....meaning...if i click and drag it will select other elements, it rolls over, on the screen. when i release, nothing happens.


      i am running the latest update of InDesign CC 2015 (v., tho i had the same issue (moments ago) when i was running the version released just prior.


      27" iMac running the latest version of OS X, El Capitan.


      anyone else have any ideas? HELP!


      i've even attached a video for reference...