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    actionScript Question

    essa tkinen
      private var _files:ArrayCollection;

      private function openHandler(event:Event):void{
      trace('openHandler triggereddddd');
      _files; <<<<<<<<<<<< WHAT DOES THAT DO

      I'm going over someone elses code and I'm new to as3 and what does _files; do exactly do or whats it doing

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          Richard_Abbott Level 3
          essa tkinen,
          looks to me as though it does nothing! This code is obviously just in here at the moment as an incomplete debug operation. The trace statement simply records that the handler has been entered. I imagine that the intention was to do something with the ArrayCollection object _files, but at this point the intention has not been realised. At a guess, the collection is supposed to be populated in some way from the event object passed to the handler, but that is just a guess.