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    folder switches drive to E drive


      Hi. I am a new Lightroom user. I am importing a lifetime of photos from my D drive (external hard disk) to my catalogue (folder). The destination for the photos I am saving them to is the same D drive external hard disk (but obviously a different folder). I spent a whole day doing this and then I noticed that some of the folders in the catalogue where not listed on the D drive (as they are supposed to be) but instead on the E drive - I occasionally plug in  dongle to check my email so I assumed I had accidentally somehow clicked the E drive as the destination for saving the photos. So I deleted the catalogue and started again, making sure that at no time I had the dongle (the E drive) plugged in at the same time I was importing photos, and I also made sure the destination folder was selected as the D drive at all times. However it has happened again. It seems that randomly folders are being saved in the E drive instead of the D drive. Is there some sort of online option that I have selected which I kicking in every time I connect to the internet? What can I do. Do I need to deleted the catalogue and start again again. I live in the highlands of Papua New Guinea with very poor internet. Thanks, Chris Gard