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    Has the processing of video be altered in the new update? Strange problems with greenscreen


      Just worked a whole music video shot on greenscreen. Each shot keyed out using Keylight, Key cleaner, Spill Suppressor and matte choker. Masked out other unwanted parts frame by frame.

      The job was complete and sent to the client. Happy days.


      Adobe update arrives and I install to the latest version.


      Client returns with some changes to the project so I open up the old project file in the new AFX. For some reason the greenscreen footage that was corrected now has issues, the screen can be see in shots and I have to alter the keylight settings to achieve what I had done before. Why is this? Has the Adobe team found a new way to process the video altering the gamma or have you changed Keylight at all?


      Now I have a tiny deadline with a ton of work to do AGAIN which I had already completed. Needless to say this has annoyed me and makes me want to move to Nuke for my future comp work.


      Not impressed at all. Some advice on this would be appreciated.