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    Server Busy


      I have the dreaded Server Busy Error. (retry does nothing, switch goes to start bar). Happens at startup.

      CPU and disks are at idle (less than 1 percent)

      Env" Win 7 x64, 64GB mem, dedicated SSD disks for program and swap. LR 6.3 , 6 core I7, new GPU.


      I upgraded from 5.7 to 6.3 just to get rid of the issue (no luck). I have moved the SL data files to the desktop, and then it wanted me to give it all  my license info all over again.  Once I gave the license info, back to the same Server Busy issue.

      I have changed the permissions on the files for everyone.  I run LR as administrator.  So, I don't think it is really a permissions issue.


      I'm willing to run diagnostic code just to get the blasted thing fixed.  Usually Adobe is pretty good about quality, but lately.....


      Next up will be running process explorer and see if I can figure out what is going on.  I have to believe that Adobe already knows the the issue....

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi PJ_Traveler


          Could you please make sure your Graphics card driver is up to date?




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            PJ_Traveler Level 1

            Running Process Explorer shows that NTdll.dll trying to start a number of threads. 2 have started, but can't access a file (can't determine which file, or why)

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              PJ_Traveler Level 1

              Yes, graphics card is update, just updated it along with everything else trying to deal with the problem

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                Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                Could you disable the two. Windows Search, and Superfetch.

                • 1st turn them off under Administrator>>Services
                • Right click and click disable.
                • Then right click and click on properties.
                • In the drop down named Startup Type: move it to disabled.
                • Repeat for Superfetch.


                >>Then reboot into safemode.

                • Open Lightroom there,
                • Create a new catalog, import few photos

                >>Reboot into windows normally and check back




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                  Tried all the things I have seen in these forums for the server busy error including killing Windows search and superfetch. I have also tried running the app as a administrator. The error just keeps showing up. Dreading the day I can't get past the message. What is the source issue?...fix this guys! I am not even close to the only user with this issue.

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                    john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    No, you're not the only user - but there's not a lot of us. For at least a year I've been getting this problem with Lightroom and also with Dreamweaver - but curiously not with PS, ID, Muse, PP, AE, AI. It even reappeared when I rebuilt my PC (Win7/64) and reinstalled everything.


                    I share your fears and have been in direct contact with Adobe to try to diagnose and fix the error. I do feel satisfied they are taking it seriously and are continuing to try to identify the root cause - it's just a rare and obscure event. Until they resolve it, my "technique" is to wait a few seconds when the message appears and then hit Retry. Lame, yes, but this seems pretty reliable.

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                      99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It may be necessary to clear out the hosts file. It sometimes gets littered with extra ip addresses following attempts from the activation sever and they should all be deleted.


                      Choose Start > Run, then type: %systemroot% \system32\drivers\etc, and then press Enter.

                      Right-click the hosts file and select Open. Select Notepad for the application to open the hosts file.

                      Back up the hosts file: Choose File > Save As, save the file as hosts.backup, and then click OK.

                      Search the original hosts file for entries that reference activate.adobe.com (for example, activate.adobe.com) and delete these entries.

                      Save and close to overwrite the file.


                      This is what a Hosts file looks like normally.


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                        john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        My hosts file is identical to your screenshot. So are you suggesting that one should delete the line localhost, or should one be looking for "xxx.x.x.x activate.adobe.com" ?

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                          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          No John. If it's normal (with just local host), then no need to delete anything. You may have a network problem or perhaps a firewall or security software conflict.

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                            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            OK, so what you suggest people should look for is Adobe-related entries such as activate.adobe.com, regardless of the IP address.


                            Network or firewall seems more likely. I have often wondered if there might be an issue related to the PC connecting to the internet via a wifi modem which itself connects to the internet via ethernet connection to a cable modem.

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                              asundman Level 1

                              Mine also looks just like the screenshot. no offending stuff there. Sigh.