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    Not Capturing When Recording Mainframe

      I have recently upgraded to version 4 - and I now find that trying to record a 3270 emulator command/key-board driven window impossible. Only the first window is captured - subsequent key strokes are not signalling C4 to grab a new slide. I had done this successfully (although every once in a while it would take more than one try) in C1 & C2. I trying playing around with the recording settings, but no luck. Anyone had this issue - I know I am probably in th minority with the whole mainframe recording in this windows world...but keeping my fingers crossed
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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          There are two things to do here.

          1. Report this as a potential bug to Adobe.
          Click here to visit the Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form

          2. To work past it for now, press the Print Screen key or click the mouse each time the screen changes. This should force Captivate to capture. I know this is a pain and by no means am I suggesting something along the lines of (well, cut Adobe some slack. We should just live with things because we know they are busy), but at least is a workaround until something comes along to change or correct the behavior.

          Cheers... Rick