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    Edit IPTC Extension metadata in Photoshop script

    Feeltheday Level 1



      I'm using a droplet which based on a script will rename my pictures.

      I would like to save the original file name in the Supplier's Image ID metadata if possible.


      Can I do that only in Photoshop without using Bridge?

      I've tried to do a couple of things but I'm always failing.


      For now I was using this:


      function saveJpeg(docRef, targetFolder){

        var theName = getNameWithoutExt(docRef);

        var doc = activeDocument; 

        doc.info.caption += ">>>> ORIGINAL NAME: ";

        doc.info.caption += doc.name;   

        var desiredName = truncate(theName.replace(/[^\w\s\d\(\)~_~-]/gi, ''),50);

        var thePath = app.activeDocument.path;

        var theFile = new File (targetFolder + "/" + desiredName + ".jpg");




      Thanks for your help, still digging in the meanwhile.