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    Apple Pencil Sensitivity on iPad Pro


      Hey Team!


      Great to see the update for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil yesterday (although the removal of 3rd party stylus support was a mistake). However now the app is completely unusable for my style of drawing. Before when I drew the pressure sensitivity didn't matter so as long as I had my smudge guard on; I was in control of where my strokes went and more importantly, if I decided to use the fill feature or not. Now the sensitivity is turned up so high it doesn't matter if my hand is or isn't resting on the iPad, if I press hard or lightly (and I tend to have a light hand) or if I use slow or quick strokes - the app keeps thinking I want to do a fill. I either end up with flashes on the screen where it's about to fill but registers my pencil as still moving and doesn't (which let me tell you, is really annoying), I get an accidental fill (which by the way, now has this really ugly white line showing where the fill happened) or I get this ENORMOUS huge blob over my artwork and have use the undo feature.


      I tested it for about 30 min, trying all sorts of combinations of laying the iPad flat, not resting my hand on the screen, using the pencil even vertically to no avail - I even deleted and reinstalled the app. I guess about 1 of every 3 strokes is showing one of three results I listed above (flashing, accidental fill, blobbing). While the pressure sensitivity is a great feature it's frustrated me to no end. I've only seen one other person have this issue and they left a review on the App store. Please tell me there is some update coming out that deals with turning on or off the pressure sensitivity or fixing this bug.