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      I'm a long time ColdFusion developer but I have a question regarding the processing of CFCs. I have a particular methodology for developing my ColdFusion components which allows me to either expose the components with all its methods or invoke the methods as UDFs, passing in any necessary object properties that would normally exist inside my component within the "This" scope. I also like to organize my code in such a fashion where the CFC exists in the parent directory, but the methods exists in a subfolder and are included in the CFC template using CFINCLUDE. This method has worked fine when using the CFCs as components, but the appropriate WSDL file is not being created when the CFC is called as a web service. If I actually type the method code in the body of the CFC template, the WSDL file is generated without issue. Has anyone else seen this and can they perhaps provide some reasoning? If it is "by design" I guess I'll go with that, but I just don't understand the logic.