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    Problems opening AE CS4 in AE CS6. Is there a fix?


      Problems opening AE CS4 in AE CS6. I recently tried opening a purchased template CS4 file and the masks are dropped, the music doesn't play, and the exported file size is enormous. I also receive a popup when opening older files that says "Adobe After Effects: this project must be converted from version 9 (Windows) and will open as an untitled project. The original file will be unchanged." The template developer seems a complexed as me. I did find another forum with the exact same issue as mine, but no resolution. Is there a way to download CS4 or 5 so I'm able to use these templates? I did upgrade to AE 2015 to see if there was a fix, no luck.


      MAC OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

      AE CS6/2015