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    Reshape effects works only on left part in full resolution


      Aftere Effects CC 2015


      Hi everybody,


      We are working on a special program and I'd like to use reshape effect to warp just a selected part of my image and give it a new shape (homography effect). I could use 4 pins warping but I want to warp perfect pixels in the picture: full footage is 5,5K (5568x2132 1.77 16/9 RED file) and I need to keep my wood plate (red start mask) in a perfect UHD final square image (3840x2160 in the blue end mask).

      See the 4 images below: first is my original footage, second is the red start mask (purcent reshape at 0%), third is my reshape effect applied (purcent 100%). I am in full resolution and you can see my reshape effect is only applied on left part (right part come back to the start red mask...)

      The two final images below show the difference between full res result and half res result. The problem is only in full resolution.
      This problem seems to be known, but I can't find any solution, even understand what happens!