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    How can I suppress anchored images from the TOC?

    LucyDart Level 1

      Each section heading in my document begins with an anchored image. When I generate the TOC, each TOC entry begins with the anchored image.


      I want to exclude the anchored image so that only the text of the section heading appears in the TOC.


      TIA for any ideas!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Since the TOC is going to pick up the entire text of the paragraph, except automatic bullets or, optionally, automatic list numbers and included text in the numbering prefix, and the anchored object is technically part of the text, you need to find a way to move that out of the heading, either by making it a bullet glyph if that's practical, or perhaps by anchoring it in a new, otherwise empty, paragraph just ahead of the section headings (and that paragraph the contains only the anchored object should have a style assigned that is not picked up in the TOC).