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    How do I get a layer to follow a mask path on another layer in AE?

    HarborCreative Level 1

      I know this has to be a simple solution but I cannot figure it out. I am new to the After Effects world and have been dabbling in it as much as possible, but right now I am STUMPED. I have a video clip of a tree lit up in the night and my camera pans up to the night sky. I will call that the “tree layer.” I have created a mask around the top of the tree eliminating that empty black space and leaving the illuminated tree. In This tree layer my camera pans up to the night sky, but the night sky is nothing but a black blob, so I then placed an image of a starry night sky (let’s call this the “sky layer”) behind that tree layer and it is showing through the area the mask has uncovered (just like I want it to). The problem is I want that starry sky to move with my camera pan. It was easy to do that with the mask on the tree layer, but I have no clue how to get the sky layer to follow that same keyframed path. Please, someone show me how easy this is. Haha.