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    Place image into frame without overriding frame’s object styles

    Janus Bahs Jacquet Level 1

      A similar (and I suspect related) question to this was asked earlier this year here: Default object style isn't applied. That question links to this post on InDesign Secrets: http://indesignsecrets.com/applying-an-object-style-when-placing-an-image.php.


      I am setting a book with an awful lot of image plates (of varying sizes), each with a caption. The images should all be centred on the page. On my master page, I have a graphics frame grouped with a text frame for the captions; the graphics frame fills the entire page has an object style that is set up as I want it, including content being aligned from the centre in the Frame Fitting Options. On my document pages, I place the images (individually) into that master page frame.


      What annoys me is that the Frame Fitting Options in my object style get overridden by the act of placing the image, and images are always placed in the top left corner of the frame. The object style is still applied, but with overrides. If I clear overrides, the placed image is correctly centred, but having to do double-click on each individual group to select the frame, and then clear its overrides manually, gets tiring after the first 100 plates. Just to see if it made any difference, I named my object style Place Gun Frame, as suggested in the thread linked to above; needless to say, it didn’t make any difference.


      Is there some way that I haven’t figured out to force InDesign to play nice and actually place content where the applied object style says it should be placed? Or is this one of those ‘problems’ Michael Ninness was quoted as having in the InDesign Secrets post and there’s no way around it?