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    Exporting jump lines to PDF with interactive links

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      In all my years of working with ID and exporting to interactive PDF, I always assumed that if jump lines (Type > Insert Special Character > Marker > Next Page Number/Previous Page Number) would export as an interactive link in a PDF.


      But in doing research for an article, I have been unable to get the jump lines to have any interactivity in a PDF (nor in an FXL).


      Is this something that is broken?


      Peter Spier answered a question back in 2009 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/431407?q=jump%20lines that indicated the jump lines were hyperlinks. But he mentions looking at Window > Interactive. That seems to indicate you would have to take the jump lines and make them hyperlinks using the Hyperlinks panel.


      I expected that the hidden linking in the electronic jump lines would automatically be exported as a link in a PDF.


      Was I wrong all these years?