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    Your billing address doesn't seem to match the credit card you entered.


      I am unable to complete my order and I still get the error message: "Your billing address doesn't seem to match the credit card you entered".

      I am 100% sure the information is correct. I’ve used this card several times online and I had never a single problem before. I also tried to use another credit cards with the same result. I also contacted support through a chat (three times) with no result. I called to London (the number displayed in the error message), but they told, they cannot process orders from my country (Slovakia), so once again I was not successful. I could use my PayPal account, but unfortunately this option is also unavailable in my country. Last time I was told to call to Australian support, but.. how many countries I have to call to to finally solve this issue? I never thought spending money could have been so hard.. Unfortunately there are no more re-sellers in my country, so I can’t buy a boxed version as I’ve always used to and I have to depend on this unreliable online form :/ Every help would be very appreciated. Thank you all in advance.