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    InDesign is not working for me anymore


      So ever since I updated InDesign it would be spotty with opening, at first it would only open if I went into Creative Cloud and clicked the app through that, then that stopped working. After that it would only work if I opened up a document for InDesign. When I would push the app its self it would crash while opening every time. Now no matter what I try it will not open. Creative cloud is also not working either, when I open it, it starts to update automatically and it says it is trying to connect to a server (I am always connected to the internet when this happens) or it ways there was error 1002 and is unable to update. I am able to use Photoshop just fine and same with Illustrator so I don't know why I'm only have problems with some apps. Anyways if anyone has had this problem and could help me out it would be very much appreciated!