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    Browse Sequences/Content Categories

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      I have three content categories:  user, installation and appendix, with some overlapping content which is controlled by the TOC and sometimes conditional tags. The appendix is a master list of all the preferences/settings mentioned in the user  & installation, so the content in the appendix is 100% duplicated elsewhere, but not in the same order.


      I would like each of these categories to have its own browse sequence, down to the 4th TOC level, matching the TOC structure.  I've tried a few different ways, including auto create using TOC and selected 4th level.  The issue I have is that I can only create ONE browse sequence this way.  I can't add additional browse sequences.  It's not useful for the users to scroll up and down book levels, and not be able to scroll within them.


      It is not realistic for me to manually create browse sequences for each category - not to mention (but I will) the maintenance required each time a file is added to my forever growing content and many releases.


      Is there a way to create easily browse sequences so that each category has its own browse sequence that resembles its TOC exactly?


      I was considering creating a new TOC by combining the three TOCs into one, then using that combined TOC to create the browse sequence, sort of a "master" list.  Then at each generation, I only have to create a new combined TOC so that new content is included. 


      So my questions are:

      1. Anyone else have this problem and find a doable solution?

      2. How can I easily combine three TOCs into one? Please don't say rebuild....

      3.  Because the appendix contains 100% duplicated content, but in a different order, do you think by combining TOCs/creating a browse sequence, that this is really going to cause my browse sequence to be out of whack?  (I'm feeling..its a yes because of the many duplicated files which will be listed earlier in the bs)



      Thank you for your advice on my bs... 


      RH Webhelp

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you tried playing with a Browse Sequence set to level zero? I think that one tells RH to chew through all topics to create a TOC-spanning Browse Sequence; in RH2015 they supposedly have made the control more obvious than doing level 0.

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            JGaf Level 1

            Wow, that was fast.


            Yes, I have tried setting it to zero but selecting this option requires me to also select a TOC in the Browse Sequence Editor, so I'm limited to one TOC, and it only builds the sequence at the book level.  Also, the other 2 categories do not have browse sequences using these options (I just tested again and double-checked that the browse sequence is selected in the SSL Webhelp settings for each category).