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    Problem with local adjustment brush


      Problem with local adjustment brush:


      Shot a photo with iso 6400 of a person and wanted to increase the exposure of the face only. Therfore i set the exposure compensation of the local adjustment brush to minus 4, in order to see where i am painting. In earlier versions of lighroom i got a smoth black area. My intention was, then to adjust the brightness to + 0,33 in order to get a slightly lighter face. But i've got no smoth black area. Instead of this, i've got a heavily perforated black area. After adjusting the exposure to +0,33, the face was indeed lighter, but with many very ugly large dark spots.


      Brush parameters:

      Größe / size was 7,1.

      Weiche Kante / smoth edge value was 50.

      Fluß / flow was 60.

      Dichte / density was 100.

      Automask was checked.


      Any ideas ?