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    How to automate placing a textfield on different pdfs


      I am an owner of Acrobat DC Professional. I've had it a bit over a month and slowly learning how to use the Action Wizard Tool.


      There is an abundance of info within these forums but much of the older advice I have found does not play nice with this DC version. On a more positive note thanks to researching these forums I have a "Document Will Print" JavaScript code that works fabulously to display a print date and time on all hardcopys but doing it one pdf at a time is proving to be rather mind numbing.


      I have been playing with the Action Wizard but can't quite get to the finish line. Would anyone with a bit of patience be able to help this acrobat newbie learn how to place a textfield with the appropriate properties on several different pdfs which will then execute my JavaScript code??


      Not to be melodramatic but if this can be achieved you will be my hero for life!!!