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    xml, dynamic text and korean

      ehi, i've got a probl with embedding font for Korean and despite many tries and searching can work it out.
      i'm to build a site in english- german and korean, this site loads all texts from an xml file.
      the file is utf8 so if i copy and paste from the word.doc i received by the client, i can write my node element in korean.
      when the xml is loaded i apply a textFormat with a different font (ie: arial 4 english, helvetica 4 german and Batang 4 korean - i use batang caus it's the only font showing korean glyphs, on my pc, but that happens also with _sans).
      the problem is embedding these font (specially the charset). i attach the font in the library with a linkage. it works fine and i can see everything. if i try the file on a pc who hasn't got that font though, it shows only odd chars...
      this is due to the fact that the embedding for Batang happens only for the occidental characthers of it (while the others are ignored...)
      i cannot embed the font directly in the text field because the swf goes to 4M ..!!!

      any suggestions?

      on macromedia i read about "XML font embedding table" but didn't really understand its use..

      4 for now i published two experiments here:

      and here:

      could you tell me what exactly shows on your pc??

      many thanx