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    Multiply tool in InDesign and printing images with transparent backgrounds



      I have a document that has a pale grey background and I have some logo jpgs placed on top.

      I have used the Multiply tool on these to remove their white backgrounds.

      However when I print the page, the area that has been 'removed' with multiply appears as a pale box around around the logo.


      I have tried:

      • Removing the background in Photoshop and making the logos into clear-cut png's.
      • Changing the grey background - first was set at a 5% transparency, secondly as black swatch at 5%, and thirdly as a new colour swatch set at the grey I want.
      • I have saved it as both PDF/X-1a: 2001 and 2003 as online feedback I have found suggests


      Yet still it is printing with the background.

      Other than taking my InDesign file into Photoshop to make the background flat (and enlarge the file size) does anyone have any more suggestions?

      I am printing it on our in-house Ricoh lazer printer.