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    Is there any way besides phone that I can cancel this Creative Cloud for Teams account?

    dealerspike it

      I have been trying to cancel a Creative Cloud for Teams account that was accidentally set up. The user it was set for already had one set up, this seems to be a duplicate.


      I can't cancel it on the website, there is no option.


      I called first and was told I had to be transferred to a "special number".


      I've held on hold for 45 minutes to a few hours, had to hang up because I'm in IT, I have a ton of stuff to keep up with in this building. Had to call back later, was on hold again for 38 minutes before I had to get off and fix another emergency. Trying again now and I've been on hold for 50 minutes. I don't believe there is ever going to be anyone available to answer this call. Is there any way to cancel this account through email or through some other form?


      Can I get an agent from Creative Cloud for Teams to call me when there is availability?


      Corey Piazza

      Dealer Spike IT