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    interactive booklet design - suggestions?


      I've had some clients express interest in creating interactive digital documents instead of the old print and am trying to figure out the best way to do this.  At the moment I have an interactive pdf created in InDesign that uses buttons to show/hide other elements, creating a slideshow or "popup" effect in addition to the usual "go to page" and "next/back" ones.  I also have a couple hyperlinks in the document.


      Our problem is of course that these functions aren't supported in IOS or mobile platforms.  It works really slick on a desktop computer (and in a browser, excepting firefox) but that's it.  I can't really ask clients to purchase a special pdf reader app, and I don't think there'd be a lot of interest in using the Adobe DPS.  Whatever we end up with, it's got to be super easy to access.  These documents would need to be accessed by a variety of people in different companies, locations, departments, and in some cases, open to the public through a municipality website.  It would be fine if I could just add a note that says "this will be best viewed in Adobe Acrobat on both desktop and mobile devices" but the Acrobat app doesn't seem to support interactivity?  I've been having trouble updating to the most recent version on my iphone and ipad so maybe this has been resolved, and I'm not able to tell yet.


      From just researching online, the best option seems to be to do this in HTML5 instead, using some scripts for page turns etc.  That's fine going forward, but it would be nice to be able to use the work I've already done in some fashion.  I've tried a couple "pdf to html" converters but they just seem to slap a page-curl animation on it and call it done.  All the buttons etc are flattened.  Is there a better option that I just haven't found yet?  Or even a swf to html converter that will work okay?


      I've also tried uploading it to Issuu but get the same problem.  All interactivity (except hyperlinks to urls) is flattened.  Is there a better hosting platform?


      Or is there a different way to create the functionality described above in a way that would work on mobile etc?


      Going forward I think this will just have to be done in HTML5 but it would be nice to work in InDesign if possible.  It's been a couple years since I did coding regularly so there would just be a bit of a learning curve.


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