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    TOC in Slave project vanished

    ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
      I'm building a merged HTML help system, with the slaves' windows set to show the master's help (Windows > Advanced Properties > Destinations > Table of Contents > Master.chm::\Master.hhc).

      When compiling the slave and opening it, more often than not the TOC tab is missing completely. The project's HHP looks inconspiciously, but I managed to 'catch' the temporary HHP RH generates for the compilation.

      In this HHP, the parameter for the TOC to be used is completely empty. It's not Master.chm::\Master.hhc and not even Slave.hhc.

      Now this explains while the TOC is missing, but how can I force RoboHelp to do it correctly?

      rhwnd.apj lists the correct HHC, in the project's SSL I do not see any HHC mentioned.


      ---Dirk Bock
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          I have experienced this problem also. My workaround was to make an extra .hhc file with an include of the master hhc and nothing else. Add this as a baggage file in each slave project, and specify it as the TOC for the slave to use.

          When the .hhc referenced is actually in the project, rather than part of another chm file, it works, and since nested includes work in HTML Help, the whole system works.