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    Parenting AE layer to C4D object's position using External Compositing Tag not working

    timc72697986 Level 1

      I created and animated a computer desktop in C4D. I want to replace the computer screen with an AE comp so I can have animation happening on the computer screen as the desktop monitor moves around the screen.


      I went about achieving this simply by creating an external compositing tag for the computer screen in c4d. Then, in AE I click the 'extract' button in Cineware to reveal the null object (i think it's a null) generated by the external compositing tag. Then I parent my AE composition to the C4D null so it follows it's position and rotation. I then have to tweak either the position or anchor point of the AE comp so it lines up with the screen.


      Then it works; the AE comp moves with the C4D object, but not well at all. For example, the C4D computer object will move halfway across the screen but the AE comp will follow it only a couple pixels. So it is affected by the C4D layer but hardly at all. I have a feeling it is because AE is not reading the 3D space the same as C4D is or something. Like, these objects are in different 3D spaces/perspectives. I'm not sure though.


      Anyone know how to deal with this? I realize I can just add the video animation to the screen by applying it as a material in C4D, but this makes it hard to time it all correctly. I want real-time, dynamically linked compositing. I mean it's possible to do it this way but I know it should be able to work using the external compositing tag method.