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    Lightroom 6 (6.3) import problems

    Wingermann Level 1

      I have severe problems importing photos from my Canon 5D mark III. I have over 300 new photos on my CF card, and the import function hangs after importing around 80 photos. Have tried five times now, the same result every time. Trying to import the same photos through my card reader is even harder. It hangs before the previews show up. The built in Windows import function is working just fine.


      But also trying to add/import a existent photo folder om my C drive, is also not working at all. It will show "0 photos"


      I used Lightroom 5 before. No problems.


      Any help?


      I have a brand new desktop with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit installed on a PCIe M.2 SSD drive (Samsung 950 Pro 512GB).

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Wingermann,


          Could you please perform the following steps, and then try to import the images in Lightroom again :

          • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
          • Also please Go to the Preferences > Performance Tab, and uncheck "Use Graphics Processor "
          • Restart Lightroom and see if it works.




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            Wingermann Level 1

            Hi, Tanuj.


            I have been searching this forum for answers, and what you are suggesting has been suggested before. I have tried this, and I tried again, but unchecking "Use Graphics Processor" simply don't work for me. FYI I have a brand new GTX 980 TI Graphics processor installed.


            Anyways. The import function hangs after a while importing directly from my camera, and trying to import from a card reader, crashes Lightroom.


            I need modify myself in my previous post: Today I installed Lightroom 5 (5.7) on my new desktop. The import function doesnt work in this version of Lightroom either. It worked fine om my old desktop. And it still works on my MacBook Pro (late 2013), With newest OS.


            Could it be hardware/driver compatability problems?


            Im using MSI Gaming M7 motherboard (Z170), Intel i7-6700K, g.Skill Ripjaws RAM, M.2 SSD drive (Samsung 950 Pro 512GB). Win10 Pro

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              Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

              Hi Alexander,

              You mentioned that after you copy files to a folder in C drive, it shows 0 images.

              Are you referring the Import window? If so, could you please post a screen shot?




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                Wingermann Level 1

                I can show you step  by step what is happening when trying to import existent folder. I only have a couple hundreds of photos that I want to import this round. Let me know if you also want me to show you step by step screenshots from when trying to import from camera.


                1. Adding the folder.


                2. Choosing the folder


                3. Lightroom stops responding (i click "wait for the program to respond")


                4. Lightroom starts functioning after a minute or so, but the raw files wont show previews.



                5. After import Lightroom have the folder listed, but it shows 0 photos.


                Trying to synchronize the folder afterwards doesnt work either. No photos are importing. Please fix this - a lot of people are having import issues right now.


                Here is my setup:

                Lightroom version: 6.3 [ 1052427 ]
                License: Perpetual
                Operating system: Windows 10
                Version: 10.0
                Application architecture: x64
                System architecture: x64
                Logical processor count: 8
                Processor speed: 4,0 GHz
                Built-in memory: 32728,7 MB
                Real memory available to Lightroom: 32728,7 MB
                Real memory used by Lightroom: 294,6 MB (0,9%)
                Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 235,7 MB
                Memory cache size: 0,0 MB
                Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 8
                Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX,AVX2
                System DPI setting: 144 DPI (high DPI mode)
                Desktop composition enabled: Yes
                Displays: 1) 3840x2160
                Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: No, External touch: No, External pen: No, Keyboard: No

                Graphics Processor Info:
                GeForce GTX 980 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

                Check OpenGL support: Passed
                Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
                Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 359.00
                Renderer: GeForce GTX 980 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
                LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

                Application folder: D:\Programmer\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom
                Library Path: C:\Users\alexa\Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom Catalog.lrcat
                Settings Folder: C:\Users\alexa\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

                Installed Plugins:
                1) Canon Tether Plugin
                2) Facebook
                3) Flickr
                4) Leica Tether Plugin
                5) Nikon Tether Plugin

                Config.lua flags: None

                Adapter #1: Vendor : 10de
                Device : 17c8
                Subsystem : 32321462
                Revision : a1
                Video Memory : 6048
                Adapter #2: Vendor : 1414
                Device : 8c
                Subsystem : 0
                Revision : 0
                Video Memory : 0
                AudioDeviceIOBlockSize: 1024
                AudioDeviceName: Høyttalere (Realtek High Definition Audio)
                AudioDeviceNumberOfChannels: 2
                AudioDeviceSampleRate: 44100
                Build: Uninitialized
                Direct2DEnabled: false
                GPUDevice: not available
                OGLEnabled: true

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  You need to consider the possibility that the card is bad.


                  If you get a different card, take some pictures, and then try to import, does that work?

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                    Wingermann Level 1

                    As i wrote in the first post, the built in import function in Windows works just fine. I also tried to import the same photos with LR 5.7 on my MacBook Pro with El Capitan. That works fine too.