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    Cant Delete Behance Account - Wont recognise my name.

    Steve Waren Level 1

      I have logged  in to the Behance account I never wanted to delete it. At the base of the request to delete account form it says "Enter your full name to continue" -  I enter my name and bingo - Name not recognised ! How can that be. For goodness sake if they don't mean my name then put the correct terminology they are looking for - THIS SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT. As I have said before - my design and clients are private and confidential not for the rest of the world to plagiarise. and before you say this question is in the wrong forum - Behance is only found in the bloody cloud, so it is a cloud issue. When I have it deleted at lease that fog will be gone and part of the dark cloud that plages this world will be gone.

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Steve - your full name will be whatever you had listed on your profile page, so you can visit that to find out exactly what to type. Note that the Delete form is case sensitive.

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            Steve Waren Level 1

            Thank you Sarah I finally worked that out.


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            Steve Warren


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