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    How to add more signatures after verification OR route to the same person two points in time.


      Hello, hope you can help. Here is my situation. We have a work flow at our company where Person A submits a document change request to Person B, Person C, and Person D for review. These people review and esign. Person A then has to review any comments that Person B, C, and D made. Person A then esigns for that review. Finally, Person E esigns the document when it gets published. Seems easy enough, right? Okay so here is the kink. Sometimes Person C and Person E are the same person. How can I allow one person to sign the document at two different points in time? Right now the person would be forced to sign both places at the same time. This does not work as the signatures indicate two different actions. The final signature cannot take place until Person A signs off. Any ideas?  I either have to add a signature after certification OR route to the same person at two points in time. I don't know how I can do this. I am using Acrobat DC standard. Thanks.