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    After Effects CC 2015 Virtually Useless With Tablet

    Ryan Thompson

      What a mistake I made updating to AFX - these bugs are wrecking my productivity on tight commercial deadlines.  I'm shocked some of the surfacing bugs made it into this release.


      I use a Wacom Intuous 5 Tablet instead of a mouse, as do most designers I meet in this business.  In this latest update, AFX suddenly won't release the click when I lift my pen up; so basically layers slide around, panels get resized and menu functions run wherever the hovering pen goes after the bug starts.  So far this occurs about 70% of the time since updating.  Everything finally freezes and I have to force quit.  Utterly ridiculous, especially when clients are present.


      I've read this bug was common about a year ago, so looks like it's back.  Another bad mark to put this latest update out given prior awareness of the issue.


      The new responsive interface is annoying and probably related to the problem.  It's distracting to have every element I hover over in a comp highlighting.  Why put so much development into this, what exactly is the gain?  As it stands, the new feature can't seem to tell the difference between a hovering Wacom  pen and one touching the tablet.


      On another note, the new Photoshop is also a big step back in terms of UI.  The new buttons and icons blend in and are harder to find.  What was the point of this?


      Whoever is running UI / UX design there needs to ditch internal pet projects for developments responding to designers' interests.  When it comes to the art direction of a UI; if a company is lucky enough to have the world's greatest designers as their customers, why not listen to them instead of internal designers typically coming from software developers.


      I hope the bug fixes are available tomorrow, which wouldn't be soon enough.


      Late 2013 Mac Pro d700


      OS X 10.11.1


      AFX CC 2015


      Wacom Intuous 5 Tablet (touch features deactivated)


      - Ryan

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional
          these bugs are wrecking my productivity on tight commercial deadlines.

          Honestly if you have tight commercial deadlines and you are using AE 2015..not to mention updating in the midst of a time sensitive job,  you have only yourself to blame.  The bug fixes will not be available tomorrow.   If you're on tight deadlines DON'T upgrade. EVER!  I would think this is just common sense.

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            Ryan Thompson Level 1

            Now there's some wisdom.  It's the customer's fault because they shouldn't reply upon the developer they pay a monthly fee to release working applications.  While I see your point, you obviously drank whatever Kool-Aid they served you.

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              Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

              Ok...you're right. I hope being right helps you meet those deadlines.

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                fredcamino Level 1

                I'm all for that, but it's almost 2016 and freaking CC2015 still doesn't work. I'm sorry, but when your marketing for your monthly software subscription service is "Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps — and they’re always up to date — so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices."  then indeed there is some unprofessionalism at play, but not on the part of the paying customers who are complaining about the broken software subscription they purchased.


                Adobe should take a cue from Steam and rename Creative Cloud to Early Access, and include all the caveats that come with that label.

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                  Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                  I get that and I agree.  I was speaking to your comment about how your productivity was being wrecked.  If you're a hobbyist that's one thing...but if you have deadlines upon which your income depends you should be using 2014.  And even if Adobe had a sterling track record of perfect updates you still should never update in the middle of a job.

                  You can switch to 2014 and STILL give Adobe a well deserved piece of your mind.  Check some of my posts about this latest update.  I haven't pulled any punches about letting them know how I feel about AE2015 and the choices they're making,  however I use 2014 to get paid.   It would not be very smart of me to miss deadlines and risk my job to prove some point about Adobe.  When my employer asks for their product what am supposed say?  That I don't have it because Adobe broke their promise?   Adobe has broken their promise...true.  But you don't need to miss any deadlines and risk you job over it unless you want to.

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                    Ryan Thompson Level 1

                    Actually I'm the one who made the productivity comment.


                    I'm no stranger to upgrading software at opportune moments, sometimes they're few and far between when bouncing from project to project.  The latest "point update" is misleading since point updates are focused on bug fixes in the other apps I use, rarely enhancing one or two pre-existing features.  As long as we're not talking about distributed rendering, I'll install point updates during a project, thinking they'll simply fix bugs rather than introduce big new ones.


           focuses on new developments instead of bug fixes; and re-introduces major bugs like tablets destabilizing the application.  Seems fair to infer developers carelessly pushed a beta test on the general market, development and Q&A mismanaged this update - or both.


                    I almost cringe saying this but, Autodesk Entertainment Systems Division has a model policy of informing customers of bug fixes, outstanding known bugs and newly discovered bugs in the docs for their updates and upgrades.  They also have a rock solid beta program.  In this case Adobe only touts the positive in their "point update".


                    The bigger picture is many software companies are comfortable hiding behind the mantra of "bugs are normal".  This was reluctantly acceptable over a decade ago when graphics software had the mystique of bleeding edge tech but isn't now.  Large graphics software developers have bigger staffs, budgets and more reliable, integrated hardware to work with than in the past.  Their developments need to become more accountable and liable.  When's the last time a CPU or motherboard had a destabilizing bug, and was it simply related to that particular item as opposed to the whole inventory?  When you stream videos do they ever have major problems that make them nearly unwatchable?  If they do, how long is it before they're fixed if a large company publishes / distributes them?  In contrast, why is it okay to have major bugs preventing apps from working as advertised over the course of a year or longer?


                    I'm willing to accept minor / nuisance bugs, but not a loss of playback performance or tablets sending the UI haywire until you have to force quit... especially when there's no workaround; like turning off this new annoying highlight everything you roll over in a comp experience.


                    Maybe this falls of deaf ears though.  After all, this is the age of HR snooping your forum posts and marking complaints like this as a personal character flaw instead of constructive insight.



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                      Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                      Yah...sorry.  I guess I had assumed you had been paying attention to the last couple of point releases and were aware that 2015 is a hot mess that breaks new things with each update and is highly unstable due to the fact that they're messing with the base code.  Good luck with your deadlines.

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                        fredcamino Level 1

                        We're in agreement overall: if we are professionals who rely on After Effects for our income, we should roll back three public releases and use the version from 20 months ago.


                        But let's admit that this is the software version of battered person syndrome and let's not blame the victim when they believe the lies they've been told and the promises that continue to be broken.


                        After Effects CC2015 is beta software that is being sold and marketed as a public release.


                        If I'm a new After Effects user, purchasing CC for the first time, there is no indication that the last two releases are something I should not use for professional work. Even this page about keeping old versions only implies that it's something you may want to do to keep old plugins working or collaborate with people who have yet to update - not that you should do it because the new versions likely won't work.


                        When you download CC2015, no warning pops up saying "This software is currently being rebuilt from the ground up and because of this you will experience software breaking bugs, crashes and other anomalies. This software is not intended to be used in a live production environment. If you wish to use After Effects for professional work, please download our latest stable release, After Effects CC2014".

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                          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Yes! Adobe should make their users more aware of the state of After Effects. The AE team's blogs mention it, but a new user's not going to go there!


                          Anyway...back to the original issue described in the first post in the thread, do you have Windows Ink turned on in your Wacom settings? If so, try turning it off. That fixed the kind of issue you describe for several people.

                          If that doesn't fix it, please file a bug report! This has been an issue for a while and the AE team did some fixes for this problem on their end in 13.6, so if it's worse in 13.6 than it was in 13.5, I'm sure they'd like to know: Bug Report Form