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    Creating a wiggle expression makes the preview monitor go blank

    Chris Berti Level 1

      I have been having a lot of graphical glitches lately. The only one I can replicate consistently is creating a wiggle expression on the position of a pre-comp makes the preview monitor say the whole this is transparent and all I can see is the checkerboard (the layer does wiggle though).

      Other errors I'm getting but can't reproduce: sometimes if I duplicate a layer (ctrl-d or ctrl-shift-d) after effects hangs up and becomes unresponsive (it goes grey and I have to restart). Sometimes if I delete, hide or create a track matte for a layer nothing happens. If I delete it it will be gone from the timeline but still there in the preview monitor, the same thing happens for track mattes, and hiding the layer. To fix this I just restart the program (which is a pain) but once I got the error message " After Effects error: internal verification error, sorry! {stuff not in the right bag}"


      These may be unrelated but they are making After Effects a pain to work with. I would appreciate any help anyone could give, thanks.


      My system specs:

      Windows 10 64 bit

      GTX 960

      16 GB RAM

      i7 6700K


      I am running AE CC 2015  (I'm not sure what the version number is but I just did a fresh install to try and fix the problem so it should be the latest one).