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    Might uninstalling and reinstalling LR 6 (CC) solve the "unexpected error" that prevents LR from opening the catalog?

    MPDAEF Level 1

      When I try to open LR CC (from desktop or shortcut or Adobe Desktop), the error message "cannot open catalog due to an unexpected error" comes up.  I have tried the various suggestions for replacing or repairing a corrupted catalog, but none of them has worked.  I still get the same error message, which may suggest that the problem is something else..  If I select "choose another catalog," there is no alternative in the drop-down window, and if I click the one that's listed, I get another message that "Lightroom has stopped working.."  There is no error code or any way to tell what the problem is--"unexpected error" isn't very helpful. 


      Before this problem occurred, I installed the latest update, which was fine.  A few days later, LR froze, and I had to restart computer manually.  It seemed to start normally but then Windows shut it down, and I had to use Windows start-up repair to fix whatever the issue was.  This was done successfully, and everything else (other than LR CC) has continued to work properly.  PS works fine, including Camera Raw, and so does Bridge.  Even LR 5, which I have kept, continues to work properly.


      Is there a way to diagnose the problem?  Is it possible that the program itself is corrupted?  If so, would uninstalling and reinstalling be the way to fix it?  I'm not eager to do that, and I don't remember how to migrate the catalog into a new install, but it is the only other step I can think of.  I anyone has any answers here, I would be grateful for them.