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    Adding notes to documents in Windows InDesign 2015 crashing

    McShaman Level 1

      I am having some real problems using notes in InDesign CC 2015 ( x64). It is regularly crashing on me on my Windows machine. Funny thing is I have tested it on my Mac with no problems.


      Can I please get some other Windows to try the following steps to see if I can narrow down the issue:


      1. Create a new document

      2. Make sure you have the Notes panel visible

      3. On the page create a text frame

      4. Type 'Some text' followed by a return

      5. Type 'Some more text'

      6. Select the word text on the first line and cut it

      7. In the Notes panel click the New Note icon

      8. Paste text into note

      9. Click at the end of the second line

      10. Select 'more text' from the second line and cut it

      11. In the Notes panel click the New Note icon

      12. This is where I crash


      Can you tell me if you do or don't crash and what version of InDesign you are using?