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    Error Compiling while creating an HD (Blu Ray) ISO

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      I created a DVD that contains 21 separate videos (totaling 1 hour 16 minutes 51 seconds) of my students performing gymnastics routines.  I recorded the videos on my GoPro Hero 3 Black.  I originally cropped them and white balanced them in GoPro Studio and exported each routine as an .mp4 (that is what GoPro studio exports out as).  The videos are full HD 1920x1080 at 29.97 FPS.  I imported all the files into Premiere Elements, then the only alterations I made was creating a "Movie Menu" using a default theme from Premiere Element's library.  I changed the Title of the DVD and created 21 separate "Scene Markers" (one for each routine). I was successfully able to export the entire movie as a standard definition .iso file and placed it on a DVD which functions fine in my XBOX One.  This was my first attempt at creating a DVD with Premiere Elements as I just installed it 2 days ago.  After my first success I decided to take the same project and instead export it in it's native resolution (1080p) as an HD Blu Ray .iso file.  However, each time I attempt to export the file it gets to 98% where it begins "compiling" and then it stops the process and says "Failed".  There is no other information given.  At that point I have to click cancel as the progress bar goes back to 0% and no progress is made.


      I am currently using a custom built PC running windows 10.  It is an x99 platform running on an ASUS X99 Deluxe motherboard with an Intel I7 6-core Haswell 5820k 3.3 GHz CPU that is O.C. to 4.1GHz.  It has 16GB of DDR4 RAM and an ASUS Strix Gaming Radeon R9 390 GPU (8GB DDR5).


      I tried restarting my PC and exporting the video a second time thinking it was just a fluke error.  Then I recreated the entire Premiere Elements file, imported the videos again, recreated the menu screen, scene markers, etc.  Then tried to export again.  I also have tried rendering the entire video using the "Render Work Area" option from the timeline menu, which just meant me sitting for over an hour watching the entire video play out.  Two times during the rendering the video just paused in place.  I moved the work space cursor to back to the beginning of each clip that it paused on and restarted rendering from that point.  Each time the rendering successfully played past the previous freeze point with no issue.  After rendering the entire video I tried exporting again only to fail in the same fashion. 


      I have attached two images showing the file before export.  Is there a step I am missing or something in particular I am doing wrong?  Thank you!



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          1. Since you do not have an Intel HD Graphics 2000 or newer video card/graphics card, look at the burn to without a check mark next to "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer)".


          2. Please describe how many main menu markers, scene markers, and stop markers, and are there at least 5 frames between each? If you are doing AVCHD or Blu-ray, remove all stop markers since they will not be recognized by the player of the end product disc. Stop markers function only for DVD-VIDEO. And, do not place a stop markers at the end of the last file on the Timeline...not needed and causes burn to failures.


          3. In the movie menu customization area, assure that the buttons are not overlapping (too close together) so that you are see red frames around the buttons.


          4. Inspect Titles and Transitions placements. Gaps.


          5. If you have not seen it before, please review the Adobe document on Premiere Elements compiling errors.

          "Error compiling movie" during render or export


          Let us start here and then decide what next. I will revisit your thread in the morning morning for further developments.



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            Turkeyfire69 Level 1
            1. I tried unchecking "Use Hardware Acceleration" which did not fix it.
            2. There are no menu markers (my main menu has "Play All" or "Scene Selection"), there are 21 scene markers and there are no stop markers.  Each scene marker marks the beginning of a routine, the routines are video clips lasting in a range from 2 minutes 46 seconds to 5 minutes 11 seconds (at 29.97 FPS that would be 1498.62 frames to 9,320.97 frames)
            3. I looked at each scene selection screen (twice) and do not see any overlapping buttons
            4. I did not add any transitions.  I double checked each tile in the timeline and realigned it with the video next to it so that they are all flush.
            5. I have viewed that post and tried what it says.  I do not get any additional error message, it just says Error.  I tried rendering the entire video.  All of my videos are in the same format as they were record with the same camera, edited in GoPro Studio, exported the same way at the same time on the same computer.  I have not begun to snip out files to narrow down the problem to a particular video as I plan to try that tonight (very time consuming).  No effects have been added. I do not have any additional applications running and have made sure my computer did not go to a screensaver, sleep mode, etc.  I am not using a third party codec.  I am going to try turning off "Autosave" as I did not notice that solution last time I viewed that post.


            In addition I have created a separate DVD file for the school talent show that I am going to try to export this evening.  If that works on Blu-Ray settings then that should help narrow down the options.  I will let you know how it all works out tonight as I am about to begin tinkering with all of it again.  Thank you for you input thus far.

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              Turkeyfire69 Level 1

              My other DVD creation worked fine, so I don't believe it is any of the settings in my software/hardware.  I am going to try exporting half of the Gymnastics routines and see if I can begin to narrow the issue down to one particular video file.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the update. Great job moving forward with the troubleshooting.


                Even though the with and without the Hardware Acceleration preference disabled did not appear to fix this issue, I would still work with it disabled since you do not have the Intel HD Graphics 2000 or newer video card/graphics card, and there are other possible problems that it could help you bypass moving forward.


                But, it sounds like you are on a good path. We will be watching for further developments.



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                  Turkeyfire69 Level 1

                  Well...I exported it in pieces and each time it worked.  I could not narrow it down to a specific video or part that was causing an error.  So I tried exporting the entire thing again and it worked...Any thoughts as to why (after returning all settings back to what they originally were) exporting it again worked but didn't the first 3 or 4 times?  Could there have been a glitch or something stored up in the memory of the software (which did not clear upon PC restart) and it needed a successful export to erase?

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the update and great news that everything is working. Great job.


                    You started with a project that would not create successfully your Blu-ray ISO Image and.

                    one whole Timeline that was getting hit with a compiling error during the export.


                    Then you did the piece by piece to find a flaw in the Timeline content. Each piece had no problems in the process.


                    Now here is the part that I need clarification on....when you went back to the whole project and now found it suddenly worked, what were you using?

                    a. The Timeline of the original project which you did not touch.


                    b. Everything put back together in the same or new project?


                    I am wondering if you could have altered in some subtle way Timeline content that was responsible for the compiling error.


                    Where did the PC restart come into the troubleshooting steps which included looking at parts versus whole of the Timeline content?



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                      Turkeyfire69 Level 1

                      When I went back and put everything back together, it was the same original file.  I made copies of the original file and then removed different sections of each file to create the fragmented versions.  When I decided to try the entire thing again, it was the original working file that I was having issues with to begin with.  So option a "The Timeline of the original project which I did not touch".


                      As for why I restarted and looked at parts of it during troubleshooting, that was part of a post I read (which I cannot find at the moment) which were steps into isolating the issue.  Somewhere it said something about restarting the computer to clear the system memory of the error occurring.  Not really sure exactly what memory log they were talking about, but it was an easy thing to try.  If I find that post I will link it.

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                        Turkeyfire69 Level 1

                        Of course I found it right after I posted....here is where I found those options to troubleshoot. https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/error-compiling-movie-rendering-or.html

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the replies and support information on your issue and its solution.


                          About the restarting of the computer in troubleshooting, that can be found in one of the links that I posted in post 1 of this thread

                          "Error compiling movie" during render or export

                          The relevant excerpt read

                          Important: Always restart the computer after a problem occurs to refresh its memory. Continuing to work without restarting the computer can compound the problem.


                          We are very pleased that your issue is resolved and that you are moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects. The follow up with details is appreciated and helpful.


                          Best wishes