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    Is LR only slow on my Mac?

    fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

      Is LR only slow on my Mac from late 2011 (MBP, 8GB RAM, 2,2 GHZ Processor)?


      Almost everything takes too much time. Trying to go through pictures in 100% mode is annoying.

      Even if I would have created 1:1 Previews. Also when watching in 100% mode, the cutting does not stay at the same part of the frame.

      It stays for two or three pictures and then on the fourth or so picture it changes to a completely different point to view.


      It would be so great to have the Develop module separate as a "flying" panel across the Library module.

      Because going through pictures in Develop module is way too slow and is not recommended.


      Loading, let`s say 1000 pictures takes with previews like around 1 hour or even longer - before that it makes no sense to start to view pictures.

      In contrast to Aperture, where you could start very quickly with watching it takes very long before one can start in LR.


      The file size from my pictures is quite large (NIKON D800 E), but also with my XPRO 1 with only 16 MP it is very slow.


      And not to say only the worse stuff - for developing LR is much more precise and yet more professional.


      As of this reading for me it is the best part to watch pictures and choose inside Aperture and then import this into LR.

      I rate my pics inside Aperture and let LR do the preview only for the rated pictures, once imported.

      This is even faster then start with LR, doing everything there.


      I know I can past my wishes into a separate forum but before this I wanted to listen, if there are more people with the same issue.


      Thanks to you all in advance