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    Tree Display problem

      Hi everybody,

      I am getting a display problem with tree control. The tree control has a fixed height and width, and has quite a few nodes with different level of branches. When i have the tree fully expanded, then I am getting both horizontal and vertical scrolls. If I scroll down using vertical scrollbar and scroll right using horizontal scrollbar, I am able to see the tree node labels properly. But after that if I scroll up then the nodes that had got hidden due to the previous down scroll appear cut off.. the label is half way erased.

      I tried using the commitProperties(), measure(), updateDisplayList() on scroll event of the tree but that did not solve the problem, but if I click on a specific half way earsed tag label the entire label is displayed.

      Please advise what should I do to solve this problem.
      I have got this problem with scrolling even on list boxes where the item labels get erased off. :(

      Thanks and Regards,