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    Some hyperlinks in Word Document are retained in PDF conversion but most aren't - why?


      I am trying to create a PDF from Microsoft Word (2013 version, 64 bit) document using the Adobe Acrobat Pro PDFMaker. The file is 379,774 KB and it contains approximately 3,305 hyperlinks, which I need all hyperlinks to be in the PDF. I have exported the document several times making sure the "Add links" box is checked in the preferences each time. A PDF is created but only a handful of links are actually retained while most are not. The links that are still hyperlinked and those that aren't seem to be chosen at random because after looking at the code in Word, the hyperlink codes are the same. I have also tried creating a PDF from the document through Adobe Pro and the same result occurs. My questions are: is there a setting I'm missing that I need to set so all my links are retained, is there a limit on how many links can be in a PDF, or is there nothing I can do to fix this? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!