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    how do I set up a 4k movie


      I just purchased premier elements 14. I purchased it as it advertises that it can deal with 4k video. I put one of my 4k videos (from my inspire 1) on the timeline and it set the film up as 1080p and the 4k footage looks absolute rubbish in the monitor. I went into the settings to set up a new project at 4k and there is no 4k option!! If it does not do 4k, then I will be asking for my money back.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This is not Adobe. Rather essentially a user to user forum. If you purchased from Adobe as download, you can request return/refund within 14 days of purchase.

          Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order


          But if you want to troubleshoot the problem, please continue. Your problem appears to be the need for more information from you and from me.


          What computer operating system? PAL or NTSC setup?


          1. What are the properties of this 4K video....native 4K 4096 x 2160 or the 4K Ultra 3840 x 2160? Premiere Elements has project presets and export presets for 4K Ultra 3840 x 2160. What are you dealing with H.264.mov or H.264.mp4?

          2. You can find the listing of the project presets under File Menu/New/Project Change Settings....See NTSC or PAL AVCHD and the QFHD choices. For export, see Export & Share/Devices/Computer and 4K Ultra HD or Export & Share/Devices/Custom.


          The program is designed to let the project select the project preset based on its analysis of the properties of the first file that is dragged to its Timeline. If it cannot, in 14, it is giving closest fit which may not be right for you. Example..if your have 4K 3840 x 2160 @ 29.97 progressive frames per second, then a check of Edit Menu/Project Settings/General will show


          We need to start by knowing the details of your 4K footage. Based on the following there are two possibilities.

          Inspire 1 - Specs, FAQ, manual, video tutorials and DJI GO | DJI

          Based on your thread description, I suspect you are recording 4K native 4096 x 2160 and not 4K Ultra 3840 x 2160 and that is throwing off the automatic project preset setting. I will suggest a way to work with either based on your details.


          Please refer to Export & Share details in

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: Premiere Elements 14 First Look Details


          Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



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            ericm44009799 Level 1

            Thanks for the prompt reply ATR. I am working in a mix of3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160 (@ 25fps mostly, but I have a mix). I have a Dell which I use with movie editing. It has 32Gb RAM and maxed up memory on a Nvidea graphics card to sped up rendering. I work in PAL format. I save in .mov format.


            I will read up your suggested sections and try to get this working. Otherwise I will apply for the refund.


            Thanks again

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              If you are working with a mix of 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160, when you open a new project, drag the 3840 x 2140 as the first file dragged to the Timeline. That should give you a greater certainty of the project setting the correct project preset. There is a project preset for that



              QFHD 16 x 9 25

              There is not for 4096 x 2160. I suspect that it is the 4096 x 2160 that is creating the automatic project preset problem.

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 14: Changes In Project's Automatic Project Preset Setting


              When you get to Export & Share, besides the Devices/Computer/4K Ultra HD, consider that Export & Share/Devices/Custom for the 4K.

              If necessary, in the next few hours, I will provide screenshots specific to what you want to export. What is your intended export - 4096 x 2160 or 3840 x 2160 @ 25 progressive frames per second. And, did you want specifically an export of XAVC-S.mp4 vs H.264.mp4?


              Thanks for the follow up.



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                ericm44009799 Level 1

                Big thanks for your work on this. It is extremely helpful. (although I hate it when a new product comes with 'work-arounds' from intelligent users instead of fixes from product developers.) I am grateful to you though.


                I will start with a standard piece of film which I can delete at some point once the setup is established. A couple of different templates would be useful.


                Export format depends on customer requirements. for me I am happy with H.264.mp4 output and occasional 1080p if I am putting in on YouTube (as the YouTube downgrade from 4k is hideous). I will experiment with sizes and frame rates over time and will probably again use different setups for different circumstances depending on the results I get. I fly and film on quads loaded with Sony and GoPro cameras as well as the Inspire 1 4k (which is my most-used0. I will want to mix clips from all of them at different points.





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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the update with news of your video project plans.


                  Please do not hesitate to ask if questions come up along the way. I am in awe at the possibility of video captures with devices other than typical camcorders.


                  Your actually exploration and experimentation can yield results beyond the expectations of by the book.


                  Best wishes



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                    ericm44009799 Level 1

                    I'm afraid that I have found another flaw. The organiser falls over after a while when loading my files. This has happened three times now and there are still folders uncatalogued. :-(

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                      When you say the Elements Organizer falls over after a while when loading your files, can you still get the files loaded even if it takes smaller loads? And, does the Elements Organizer remain stable when you are not adding anything to it? How many items have you been doing at one time? How many files are loaded into the Elements Organizer at this point? Are all the problems with the 4K sizes or with 1080p also?


                      At least two paths to explore for better results...

                      a. Create a new catalog - Elements Organizer File Menu/Manage Catalog/Catalog Manager....besides the new catalog idea, you can have more than 1 catalog but use 1 at a time.

                      b. Delete the Elements Organizer settings file (named psa.prf). On Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 64 bit, the path to it is

                      Local Disk C






                      Elements Organizer



                      and in the Organizer Folder is the psa.prf file that you delete or disable by renaming it from psa.prf to psa.prfOLD.


                      The Elements Organizer can have problems with certain formats

                      a. some will not import and Elements Organizer crashes if you try for the import

                      b. the Elements Organizer player may or may not play back your video format (video only, audio only, or both).


                      We will be watching for further news.


                      Thanks for the follow ups. Appreciated.



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                        ericm44009799 Level 1

                        Hi again. I appreciate your time and your work-arounds. I have tried them and can make a little headway, but it ruins my workflow and drags out simple jobs. I am giving up on these products and am simply going to apply for a refund and go back to my old pinnacle suite. It is not perfect, but it works and I get a decent throughput.


                        Once again thanks for your help.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the update.


                          If you ever decide to revisit Premiere Elements as your video editor, know that we will be glad for the opportunities to share troubleshooting strategy or just workflow tips with you.


                          Best wishes with your video projects.