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    I currently use Aperture and Elements…..


      I currently use Aperture and Elements and I am thinking of moving over to Lightroom. What if any problems am I likely to have switching over? Will my images be safe and useable as they are currently saved in the Aperture library?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It depends whether you are using a referenced or managed Aperture Library and what you mean by “as they are currently saved”

          Many Aperture users have successfully switched to Lightroom but there are different approaches:

          1. Use the Lightroom built in plug-in. That will copy the masters hidden by Apple. They will appear in dated subfolders in Lightroom and your projects/albums will be converted into collections.
          2. You can export versions to the desktop together with IPTC metadata. Or better still assemble the exported copies into permanent folders in Finder; then import them into Lightroom. Those versions will include any editing already done in Aperture.
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            Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi laurap,


            If you are a photographer, then Lightroom the better first purchase.

            Lightroom has everything you need to make quick and easy  adjustments (e.g.exposure/white balance/perspective correction/sharpening) to your photos.

            Elements overlaps a lot with Lightroom, but it is really more for artists who wants to transform their photos (i.e. deeper edits of the source images).


            Please Refer:Photoshop Elements Vs Lightroom: Making the right choice!


            Let us know if that helps.