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    Extending timeline video layer duration beyond 5 seconds

    alexthehamlin Level 1

      I've noticed people have asked this in the past, but it doesn't seem to have ever really been answered.


      I'm animating on a video layer in a timeline in Photoshop CC, and realized at the 5 second mark that it's impossible to extend it any further. Extending the handle of the clip allows you to make it shorter, but not longer. Right clicking and changing the value doesn't work. I've tried going through all the panel options, extending the timeline, extending other layers below and then trying again, merging layers, but all to no avail. I realized that I can make a longer blank video clip if the duration of other layers are already longer, but that doesn't help me with my 5-second layer that I've already spent hours on.


      There's got to be some simple solution to this! I can't imagine that you can't simply extend it...


      Please, if someone knows how to solve this I would greatly appreciate it!