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    Paying someone $10 for a quick 5 minute script.

    Trizzay Level 1
      You'll need Paypal so I can pay you the $10. If you don't have a Paypal account, then just ignore this.

      It's quite simple really, but I'm too lazy to look up the code myself. I have a flash file already set up with all the graphics and buttons you need, but I just need someone to script 3 buttons so they play a random song, pause and play. Look at the picture below


      What I need:

      1) I need it to play one of 8 songs at random (see below for song files)
      2) When someone clicks Next Song, it goes to the next RANDOM song on the list.
      3) When someone clicks on "Music On/Off" the music stops, and the graphic changes to the appropriate one.

      What you get:
      1) The .FLA is already set up with all the artwork and buttons.
      2) The URL's of the 8 MP3's that will need to stream.
      3) Just download the rar file here and start coding!

      Here is the .rar file with everything you need (FLA file plus all the graphics):

      Song files:
      Below are where the song files will stream from. Remember, when the flash anim starts (or if someone refreshes the page), it needs to automatically play one of these 8 songs AT RANDOM.

      And here are the locations of the 8 streaming MP3's:


      When you're done, please post a link to the file so I can see if it works. First one to do this gets the money! I'll also need the .FLA file so I can change the scrolling text in the future - and it MUST BE ABLE TO OPEN IN FLASH MX 2004.

      Today is Thanksgiving Day. If you successfuly do this and post it today, I'll Paypal you $20 instead. I'm in a good mood :)

      Let me know if you have any questions or problems downloading the files.